Wewill launch

Year 7 students met with Lou Macari this week, at their #WeWill Launch.

#WeWill is a continuation of the #IWill project launched in OAT Academies in 2018. OHA have chosen to launch #WeWill Cook for our Youth Social Action Project.

A report recently published by the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee highlighted that food insecurity is on the rise in the UK with over 1.7million children affected by food poverty between September 2020 and February 2021 which has quadrupled in severity since 2008.

We think this is a valuable opportunity for our pupils to learn cooking skills as well as addressing the demographical situation linked to food insecurity and recognising that food poverty is a national concern that the students will address. Students will create a legacy through the publication of a recipe book celebrating various cultural heritages.

Students will learn about cultural foods, low cost foods and food poverty in the UK with the chance of bringing in their own family recipes and traditions to share with everyone.

The Academy will be supporting the Macari Homeless Shelter throughout this project with fundraising, foodbank collections and making our own food/care parcels. Students donated items to the shelter as a warm welcome to the support from OHA. Lou spoke about his journey from football to charity work in an inspiring speech to students about how one person can make a difference, but a group of people can make a change. The 25-hour Youth Social Action will also be included in students' DT lessons, SPIRIT lessons and weekly PT sessions. Many enrichment opportunities will become available for cooking, gardening, growing food and visits to the Macari Centre.

Over 40 students have applied to be a part of the Leadership Team, nominated students will be announced in September. Keep up to date with the amazing youth social action here!