British Values

Promoting British Values at Ormiston Horizon Academy

We believe it is important to promote British Values to enable students to develop an appreciation not only for their own culture and heritage, but also the culture and heritage of others within our community. We promote tolerance and harmony; as an academy and as a community, we know that strength comes from diversity.

Tolerance: We are tolerant of the beliefs, faiths and lifestyles of others. We are aware of the nine protected characteristics and promote everyone’s right to feel safe and respected in our academy.

Rule of Law: We have OHA non-negotiables for both staff and students. We take responsibility for our behaviour and are accountable for the consequences of our actions.

Individual Liberty: We have the right to express ourselves freely through debate, enrichment, options subjects and career pathways. We provide feedback through our Student Council.

Mutual Respect: We have clear guidance and expectations of behaviour and dress code around the academy. Students and staff use manners when addressing one another.

Democracy: We have a free and fair process for electing students in positions of responsibility such as Prefect or Student Council. We are taught about UK democracy.