Homework at OHA is set consistently with aim of complimenting what is taught in lessons. Through learning tasks that are designed to promote knowledge retention and to boost the progress of students over time. We aim to make homework’s relevant to the core knowledge our students need to master their subjects, while guiding them to work independently beyond the classroom.

Homework that is specifically linked to the learning that takes place in the classroom then studied at home is proven to add up to an additional 5 months progress per student.

As an academy, we will develop the skills in lessons that students need to make this key information stick, through the use of self-quizzes, recall and low stakes testing within lessons we support students to build up the level of knowledge stored in their brain that can then be used in any scenario.

Homework Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 & 9)

Our KS3 students will be having sessions during their personal tutor time on Thursday and Friday mornings called Learning 2 learn (L2L).
The theory behind the sessions is that we start to develop a strong skill for learning as early as we can so that the learning and retention skills enable them to focus on remembering the information and knowing how to retrieve it for assessments and when required in life.

All students will have a L2L workbook, and all KS3 homework will be completed in this one book.
KS3 students will be expected to bring this book to and from school every day in their bags and failure to bring their L2L book will result in sanctions following the academy behaviour policy.

KS3 homeworks should take 20 minutes per subject, they may be reading, vocabulary or subject specific tasks.
If their homework is computer-based students will be asked to use their L2L book for making notes.

Key Stage 3 Homework Timetables

y7 homework timetable
y8 homework timetable
y9 homework timetable

All homework will be recorded using our EdulinkOne app. We encourage all parents and students to download this app as it is the easiest method of communication between the school and families at home.

This will record the tasks that are set for all students with instructions, links and deadline dates.

Key Stage 4 Homework Timetables

In KS4 students are expected to complete 20 minutes of homework for 2 subjects each weeknight.
The subjects will depend on the options students have chosen but each subject should be studied at least once a week.

Homework at KS4 will be driven by a GCSE focus to reflect the courses they have now chosen to study, but like KS3 aim to develop students’ ability to recall core information and apply this in a variety of contexts.

Knowledge Organisers

As an academy each curriculum area has a collection of knowledge organisers designed to hold the core content for each block of learning. We aim to teach our students how to used these effectively for recall and revision as well as for homework.