Vision & Values


At OHA, we provide an inspirational and ambitious learning journey to enable all our students to achieve beyond their Horizons.


Our core values are based upon Resilience, Respect and Responsibility. We are firmly dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where your child can feel safe, learn and achieve.


In our ever-changing world, young people and adults need to be resilient learners. We need to be able to take feedback on board and bounce back from setbacks that may occur. Having a positive outlook encourages us to work hard and enjoy the challenges that we face.


We respect ourselves, our friends, our staff and all OHA-ers; this is a non-negotiable in our academy. We believe in manners and have high expectations of ourselves and everyone around us.


We take full responsibility for our own actions. We do not blame others and always look at ourselves first. We are responsible for our actions in the classroom and in the community. This is our journey and we are in control of it.