KS4 Information

Careers information, advice and guidance

In Year 11, Careers Information, Advice and Guidance meetings are focused on ensuring students make the right Post-16 option choices in line with their chosen career.

If you would like to request a Careers meeting, please contact:[email protected]

Parents/carers please see our Parents information page.

College, sixth form and apprenticeship application process

It is recommended that students should visit at least one provider before completing their Post 16 application.

Prospectuses are provided within the “Careers – Your Future” resource box which can be found in your Personal Tutor classroom.

Alternatively, you can view the courses and entry requirements directly from the Post-16 providers website.

Applications for Post-16 need to be completed using the providers website. You can complete your application either with the Careers Advisor during your guidance meeting or with your personal tutor.

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Evaluating our provision

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Main contacts

CEAIG Leader:Mrs L Thomas:
[email protected](01782 883333)
CEIAG Co-ordinator:Mrs K. Naylor:
[email protected](01782 883333)
Enrichment Coordinator:Mr D. Lethaby:
[email protected] (01782 883333)